Some questions on atom account


After logging in, I go to my user page.
It shows I have no packages, themes, but shows I have some stars.
I would like to know how I can add packages and themes to my account and sync to my local atom.

Also, how can I link my atom account to atom on my local pc ?

And what is the token which is shown after clicking your user name used for ?

Can I log in by using a social media account other than github, like google, twitter, etc ?

Thank you.

apm help login
Usage: apm login

Enter your API token and save it to the keychain. This token will
be used to identify you when publishing packages to

  --token API token                                                             [string]
  -h, --help  Print this usage message

  Prefix an option with `no-` to set it to false such as --no-color to disable
  colored output.

Once you log in with apm then you can publish packages to appear in your account.


There isn’t a method to sync packages or themes to your machine using the “account”. (Technically the account is your GitHub account and the login to is just an OAuth token that gets passed between the systems.) If you authored packages or themes for other people to use, this is where they would show up.