Some problems with Atom


So I’ve been using Atom as an replacement for SublimeText ever since I got the Beta Invite. Since the latest version (0.124.0) the “Open Folder” option is kinda buggy. If I click it, nothing happens. If I click it again there’s a 50/50 chance the folder gets opened. If nothing happens again, it will open on the third try.

Another thing that bother’s me is that I’m unable to type \ (I’m german, so I’m using a german keyboard)

And last but not least, there seems to be a problem with special characters or the escape character from Powershell. For some reason everything behind it will be colored differently then the rest of the code (escape character in Powershell is `)

So yea, besides these little problems I’m pretty happy with Atom :slight_smile:

Using Atom 0.124.0 on Win7 x64


The keyboard issue is being tracked here:


I’ve noticed the ‘Open Folder’ problem too, but it doesn’t happen always. Sometimes everything works fine, but sometimes I can hardly get the dialog to show.


The open folder issue seems to be tracked here:

As far as the PowerShell issue goes, I don’t see an Issue reported on the language-powershell repository. You might want to open an Issue yourself there: