Some package/setup for visualising Python in live mode or step by step?


Like this site pythonTutor [HERE]( for%20i%20in%20range(10)%3A %20%20%20%20temp%20%2B%3D%201 %20%20%20%20print%20i&cumulative=false&curInstr=32&heapPrimitives=false&mode=display&origin=opt-live.js&py=2&rawInputLstJSON=[]&textReferences=false)


I don’t know about live visualization, but packages like script and atom-runner let you execute code using a keybinding. It would be possible to set up a toggle to run the execution command automatically if you wanted to.


You could try Hydrogen for running code/examining outputs from within atom.

Or, you could try an alternate development environment such as Sypder.


For the time being, I don’t think atom supports what you want. I suspect it would take a lot of effort to integrate python debugging into the editor – though maybe I should think about it…
Anyway, the best debugging environment I’ve found is the Wingware IDE (, maybe that will be helpful.


Eclipse with Pydev is a very productive environment, although Eclipse is a large install. Performance on my system (some years old now) is quite good.



Thanks for all of your suggestions!

@dpriedel1 i tried Hydrogen… i have some issues with it lagging and code of lines become invisible (on Windows 10 64bits) Though i like it other than that… i want to stay in Atom and design my workflow

@alflanagan It would be awesome to have it right? Though i know about WW, thank you…i don’t want to use IDE, and again, i’d really like to transfer my workflow completely to Atom.

@DamnedScholar these are not what i am looking for, but thanks nice one


You can achieve a similar effect with a debugger, e.g., Far from perfect, but useful.