Some documentation links broken in 1.0.19 on


Hello, I’ve noticed that some documentation links are not working on*. For example, if you visit, the links on the left navigation bar in the “Getting Started” chapter actually point to sections that are supposed to be in a different chapter. Is this a known issue?


Are you sure about that? I just tried them and they are all pointing to the corresponding sections. Or maybe I’ve missed something?


If you look at, “Chapter 1: Getting Started” seems to have the following sections:

  1. Why Atom
  2. Installing Atom
  3. Atom Basics
  4. Summary

But if you go to a page like, the “Getting Started” chapter has the following sections:

  1. Upgrading Your Package
  2. Upgrading Your UI Theme Or Package Selectors
  3. Upgrading Your Syntax Theme
  4. Summary

Those sections are actually supposed to be in “Chapter 5: Upgrading to 1.0 APIs”. And that chapter doesn’t even appear on the left navigation bar of pages like

Is that what you see?


I suspect you’re seeing this issue:


Ah, thanks!