[Solved] User Interface Font Family


Hi, I am curious what the default font family is for the user interface. The reason I ask is that I clearly don’t have it. I need to figure out how to either install it or change the font family so that my tree view and settings pages don’t look like garbage.


The defaults are set here:

You can override it in your stylesheet with something like:

atom-workspace {
  font-family: sans-serif;


We’ve gone to great lengths to match the system font for the various platforms. If there is one we’re missing, please file an Issue letting us know what OS you’re running and what the default system font is for it :grinning:


I’m using arch linux (which doesn’t come with any system defaults). I was using GNOME when I first installed Atom (so everything was fine) but do to a series of unfortunate events I ended up uninstalling GNOME and installing XFCE, which likewise doesn’t come with a default system font.

So. Bottom line, there’s no issue here, I just needed a little bit of information so I could set the font family. I had seem a litany of stuff on how to set the font size, but not the font family. I’m not very good at CSS/Less/Sass anyway, so it was important for me to try to find out what the system was using in the first place. Thank you for also seeing through my second question (which I hadn’t even asked yet) and answering it too!


Also, if anyone is reading this because they’re using a weird set up like me, here are a couple of things to try:

Increase the amount of hinting your system does. If this does not immediately yield results within atom, close it and restart it. It did a world of difference after I switched things to Cantrell.