[SOLVED] Suggestion box width


Is there any way to increase the width (to the right) of the “auto-complete suggestion list”? (Can be by code, or in options)

Thank you


I suspect that this could be done with CSS. @braver or @simurai, could you help with this one?


You can add this to your styles.less. Replace the width with anything you want.

autocomplete-suggestion-list {
  width: 700px !important;


Thank you so much @olmokramer!


Your snippet works like a charm, but… these bad guys are still “truncated” considering they have enough space to be completely displayed. This have something to do with width overflow, or suggestion list .append?

@braver @simurai I won’t mind if u can help too (>-<)
Thank you, and pls help mee \o/


Does this work?

autocomplete-suggestion-list {
  width: 700px !important;
  .word {
    max-width: 200px;
  .right-label {
    max-width: 400px;

You might need to play around with the numbers.


Thank you so much <3