[SOLVED] Skies program with pygame


Helloo, I have some question, i try to run skies Program in Atom but its not working, but in IDLE Atom its working, can you tell me how and why? Thank you.

My Atom Package:

autocomplete-python by autocomplete-python
emmet by emmetio
script by rgbkrk

Cannot add Photos

Yes, it’s because your cwd according to script is the folder my_exercise_programming/ because that’s your project folder. If you want to use a relative path for your image, you have to manually instruct script on where to run your script from using the command Script: Run Options:

Alternatively, you can expand your URIs to include more information such as the path of the folder in which the current file is running. I imagine this will work:

self.image = pygame.image.load(os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__)) + "/skier_down.png")


Thank you, for skier program is working. :slight_smile:

But for add photo its not, i think the problem is the source code, because its not working when i try it in IDLE Python. i will try ask the python forum.

Thank you.