SOLVED- Reset Git Pane


Hello, On certain projects the built in Git Pane goes full page vs staying on the right side. How can I reset/change it so it will always launch and stay on the right side ?


You can drag and drop the git dock item. Maybe in the projects where it is in the center of the workspace it was moved there once and the position is remembered.


I thought I did tried that. When I hide the git tab and clicked it again it would open it up on the left pane as another tab vs on the right pane. Maybe I didn’t move it all the way to the right corner. Will try again.


Yep that was it. Seems like I had to move it further than what it appeared to be the right pane. Its the second right “pane” highlight not the first.


Yeah these are the docks of the Atom window. If you just moved it to the right pane it’s still in the center of the workspace :slightly_smiling_face: