[SOLVED] PDE Filetype Grammar Changing Automatically to C++?


I have a package for processing.org, *.pde files installed (processing-language).

when i create a new file with a pde extension it recognizes the grammar properly. when i reopen the file it changes the grammar to C++.

If I use “Auto-Detect” in the grammar picker it will change it back to Processing.

why would Atom be changing it to C++ on it’s own?

thank you.


I can’t replicate that. It sounds to my noobish ear like there are two grammars that both list pde in their file extensions, but I don’t know why language-c would. You should take a look in its dictionary just to see. If you don’t find anything there, try disabling language-c and see if the behavior persists.


disabling C++ does fix it for Processing files. but without it enabled my Arduino sketches aren’t picked up as C++ files. lol

you mentioned the dictionary, where is that located?

thank you for the reply.

edit: i think it might be an issue with Platformio. I’m going to ask in their forum.


Upon looking everywhere, the language-c package appears to be built into the binary file. So nevermind. It’s almost certainly not that.


reply in case anyone else has this issue.

Platformio was the culprit.

For more info check the following post in Platformio’s forum: