[SOLVED] Need Help With "Script" (Python 2 vs 3 problems)


Long story short, python 2 is installed as default (I would delete python 2 however as I am running ubuntu, its probably for the best that I did not mess with default python.

That being said I don’t see any purpose for using python 2 in atom over python 3, therefore I’d like to make python 3 the default for script.

If anyone knows how to set python 3 as the default python for script, any help would be appreciated.

Currently I know of a temporary solution however each time I close atom, it resets back to the lesser python 2.


You can use pyenv to control which version of Python you’re using by default, and you can set up microcosms in your machine where a different version of Python is used by default if you want to.


Using build-python you can specify your preferred Python interpreter in the package settings:


Would that be script as in the Package?
Is it not documented somewhere how you in the package how to use both versions?

In www.python.org there should be some mention also on how to handle both versions.

The syntax highlighting should not be a problem… depending on what you use.
These can normally be set.

Why I blunder into this conversation like an idiot
(sorry to the gentlemen that answered earlier)
:: I had some issues earlier on when I did not have Python V2.7 as primary.
The issues were related to re-building some Atom packages.

Just my 2c.


Thank you.