[SOLVED] Language-idris package can't find my Idris binary


I’m a user of almost zero computer literacy trying to use Atom on the Idris language. This is the package I have successfully downloaded: https://github.com/idris-hackers/atom-language-idris

As indicated on this page, it should be usable after “setting the path to the idris executable.” There is a field under “Settings” for the package called “Idris location: Location of the Idris executable (ex. usr/local/bin/idris).” I have entered there “~/.local/bin/idris”, which is exactly what I type to launch the Idris REPL in my terminal. But when I try to work with an .idr file, Atom tells me:

couldn’t find Idris executable at “~/.local/bin/idris”

There is no sign on the GitHub page that things have been malfunctioning so dramatically for other users. What is going on with me?


Try replacing ~ with the actual path to your user folder.


Of course! That did work. Thank you!


I don’t think it’s an “of course” solution, but I always try to eliminate shortcuts and implicit directions when troubleshooting. We assume we know what ~ means, but the way to be 100% is to write out the whole thing.