[SOLVED] How to hide gutter when hiding line numbers?


I used this solution to toggle line numbers Toggle Line Numbers
After the last update lines are still hiding, but gutter isn’t going away.


The area of the editor that contains line numbers and folding arrows is called the gutter. You’re saying that the solution you used used to hide the entire gutter but now it does not?


Yes, exactly.


Yes, the original intention of the configuration editor.showLineNumbers was to show or hide the line numbers only, hence the name. The original implementation, however, showed or hid the entire gutter. Because there is other useful information in the gutter, we considered hiding the entire gutter to hide the line numbers a bug that we eventually fixed.

If you want to hide the gutter completely then you’ll need to apply a CSS class to it that sets the CSS display property to none. If you want to hide the gutter permanently, you can add the following to your styles.less:

.gutter {
  display: none;


Found already made solution - https://atom.io/packages/toggle-gutter

Only had to change left padding at
~/.atom/packages/toggle-gutter/styles/toggle-gutter.less *22
padding-left: 0.5em; -> padding-left: 0;