[SOLVED]CSS file is not making changes on my html file


For some reason my CSS file wont change anything from my html file, and it’s not just in Atom, but also on Sublime Text. This is a fairly simple code and I was wondering if any of you guys could tell me what I’m doing wrong. (New users can’t put two images, so css code will be written)

File Name: Web.css

background-color: grey;

color: purple;
font-size; 150%;

color: orange;
font-family: arial;


I know this thread is marked as solved, but for future reference:

  1. Without being able to see your directory tree, there’s no possible way for us to troubleshoot file linkage problems.
  2. You can mark text as code by highlighting it and pressing the </> button above the editor. This preserves your spacing and prevents the forum from parsing tags that it might otherwise interpret as formatting instructions.
  3. You should generally avoid opening high-level folders, like Desktop, in Atom. If you have a lot of files in the directory tree, it can cause performance issues and Atom’s ability to save each project’s state will be less useful to you. I would advise you to make a specific directory where you keep all of your code projects, then have one directory per project.
  4. You can also get yourself into trouble by starting links with /. In Unix-style filesystems, / refers to the topmost directory in the system. In web servers, / refers to the web root (the directory that the domain name points to). Unless you have a reason for doing it differently, you should generally start addresses with ./, which refers to the folder that contains the current file, or ../, which refers to the folder above the current folder.