SOLVED - Checking for Package Updates fails


Of recent, whenever I try to update packages, I get the following error

“Fetching outdated packages and themes failed.Hide output…

Atom 1.15.0 ia32 Windows 10

Updating the actual Atom editor seems to work just fine. The only problem I have is with packages

Thank you


What happens when you use apm update from the command line?


I didnt know you could update packages that way. How is it done? I dont even know what packages need updates


Ok, I just ran apm upgrade and it gave back the same thing. Undefined

apm update does the same


This appears to be a problem with the seti-ui and seti-syntax themes. Uninstalling whichever of those you have installed should fix it.


That worked. Thank you very much. Very much appreciated.


I was having this same issue and your solution solved it for me as well. Thank you!