[SOLVED]Capture HTTP requests inside flash file

An old web application with lots of legacy .swf files was converted to a newer web app. The actionscript had hardcoded requests to URLs like “/serverlets/AppTracker.SessionCheck”. I had simply bypassed these checks by creating routes in my web application as “http://newapp/serverlets/AppTracker.SessionCheck”, that returns result=true (as expected by the AS inside .swf).

Now, I am trying to create an offline version of the application by creating an Electron based desktop app. When I try to embed and run the .swf file, the AS obviously sends request to “/serverlets/AppTracker.SessionCheck” and hence the flash fails to load. How do I capture this request to see the full request object? (Can’t see it in the “networks” tab)

I have tried to bypass the request by creating a file in the root path as “serverlets/AppTracker.SessionCheck”. When I send a normal XMLHttpRequest from my index.js, it returns “result=true”. But the AS still fails to bypass.

It is a very long time since I played with flash. Back in openlaszo days which was abandoned.

If you have managed to get this to work by using …
as “http://newapp/serverlets/AppTracker.SessionCheck” can you not create a localhost dummy server in similar vein in your desktop app? Just musing. I have no experience here.

On another point you might get some mileage by exploring the haxe/electron libraries discussed here


and OpenFL.

Thanks for your reply.

can you not create a localhost dummy server in similar vein in your desktop app?

That is what I ended up doing. I have an express server within my application and the URLs in question simply return true. This made them work. I am still facing issues of “Couldn’t find plugin” when I package the app, but I am guessing that is something to do with incorrect path specifications or similar issue. I would like to take a stab at that error myself. For now, the problem in question has been resolved. Thanks for your help.

I am guessing that this might be due to some browsers (including chromium) not recognising old flash plugin. I would try launching the swf file in another browser such as Firefox or Pale Moon through an iframe in your electron app.