[Solved]Auto project creator problem


Hello its my first day using Atom, in the moment i opened and saved a file on the desktop, atom recognised Desktop as a project… and started “indexing” all the files and sub folders, the problem? it also auto added to the stage to git.

I cant barely type on the editor, its too slow, its consuming all the resources because i have 150,000 files on git stage ,the question is, how can i reverse it in a fast way? (Its going to slow to trial - error)

act1: when i discard all changes on the git panel, atom crashes


Not able to help… but trying to help the helpers:
Which OS and which version of Atom?


windows 10, atom version: 1.18.0


I made a mistake, the files are not staged, are unstaged changes. tryed to clean with “git clean -df” on git bash, but gives me errors with atoms internal files which are unstaged.


Do you have 150,000 files in subdirectories of your desktop?

Somewhere, there’s a .git folder in a high-level directory. You can erase that folder and Atom’s github package will stop trying to track all of those files.


I forgot to update! it was on my personal folder (Thats why it got atom internal files too)
Your solution worked for me, atoms now runs well and smooth.

Thank you all!

ps : I still wonder how i got all the files tracked just creating a file on the desktop. (?


I’m guessing here, but from what you’ve described, it seems most likely that you opened Atom without a project and then saved the file. Atom tries to track the git status of all non-ignored files in its project folders (the set of all top-level folders in the tree view). As soon as the file was saved, Atom remembered the directory, giving it a project to track, and it went looking for git repos.

I don’t know how your user folder became a git repo. A number of users have reported similar problems, but until this thread, all of the ones that I have read have been on MacOS. I don’t have reason to believe that Atom was at fault for anything other than trying to sort through extremely long lists of files. Atom can create git repos, but the only way I know is through the big blue button in the Git tab that says Initialize Repository. If you haven’t deleted all of the git-related files, check the dates on them. It’s possible that your user folder has been a git repo for quite a while and only when you started using an editor that’s so git-focused did it actually become evident.


Yes it was, i made the first git init there while learning git (because eclipse workspace was there) . Well then was my fault !! Thank you all