Solved - Animation works in Chrome but not Electron


It’s the oddest thing, my animation works inside of the chrome browser, but electron doesn’t seem to render it:

I’m thinking it may be some sort of issue with animation-play-state. I’ve written a plugin for a service that also uses an electron build, and it displays fine as well. Does anyone have an idea as to why it is not rendering in my electron build?


I did a test on lastest version 1.6.2 and it worked
providing your environment like os,electron version,etc would help


My OS is OSX Sierra 10.12.3 and the electron build version is v1.4.15. It is strange, because I’m using the same endpoint URL across both chrome, my electron build, and another app I’ve written a plugin for (and this app also uses electron).


You are absolutely correct. I just updated to 1.6.1 and it worked! I wonder what bug fix played a part in the solution.