Solarized not using correct colors


Almost all solarized themes are kept under altercation/solarized and atom’s implementation of solarized is incorrect for a lot of languages. For example html

Anyone have input on the matter? I am currently working on a PR to try and fix these inconsistencies.


Here is another screenshot comparing atom to vim

And here with the extremely lacking javascript highlighting


Here is a link to the pull request that enhances a lot of the javascript highlighting.

Also a screenshot to show progress (compared with vim):


This issue seems to remain unresolved - at least for the syntax highlighting in Go. Is there any indication of whether it’s being worked on at the moment, or of any way to fix this?


The Pull Request mentioned above was merged back in November. If there are other Issues with the Solarized themes, please feel free to submit Issues on the Solarized themes’ repositories (light and dark).


Also keep in mind that altercation’s original solarized is wildly inconsistent due to limitations in the grammars he has to work with in Vim. It is impossible and counterproductive to try and match it. We’ve had a lot of discussions about this building Solarized for Sublime and basically the original is such an unholy mess that you should use it as a reference but no more.