Software cannot be installed or instalation has failed

I just downloaded the installer file, but the file is corrupt.
Are there improvements here?

instalation has filed
failed to extract instaler

can someone help me?Captured


Some antivirus programs can interfere with Atom installing (this is based on how Atom installs itself, which looks just a tiny bit like malware). If you have one, you can safely disable it, install Atom, and then re-enable it. Alternatively, you can download the file from the GitHub releases page and install Atom manually (it will not update automatically unless you use the command found in step 3 of this post; I’ve not done that myself, but I would expect it to work as described).

I don’t use anti-virus at all. and I downloaded it from the atom homepage.

How’s working for you?

i cant find instaler file…

im using windosws 7 x86.

There’s no installer file inside, just the application itself.

currently running, but I haven’t tried programming yet, whether it works normally or not I don’t know.

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i have problem when upload simple sket… dou you know to fix them?

I run an atom with administrator rights, but when I try to run the serial monitor there is an indication like a picture, is this the reason for not using the installer application?

You now get into territory that requires application driven help.
Please feel welcome to the join the community at

Also give notice “Compare PlatformIO IDE” published on

No, because I don’t use PlatformIO. You should follow @danPadric’s advice and go to the forum where most of the people who use PlatformIO hang out.

thanks you to your idea…
but i hope too i find solution here, i have been joint with group your link… thanks alot.

Thanks for your positive reply.

Getting Atom to install on your PC -
this is the right place to ask questions.

Making Atom play nice with a package -
ask here and you might get help.
(mostly in thanks to our much respected @DamnedScholar)

Asking about package (and its add-ins) -
best to ask the package specialists / experts.