Soft wrap with non monspace font



Please could you advice how the following issue could be fixed ?
I have a language package that doesn’t use a monospace font but if ‘soft wrap’ is on, and ‘soft wrap at preferred line length’ is off, wrapping works as if the font was monospace i.e. there’s empty gap on the right side of editor.

The issue (red rectangle is that gap where text should continue until it reaches really end of editor.
You can see that the text wraps as if it was monospace as on the following image - the bottom part of image.

Any advice please?
(But I need to use nonmonospace font and I love Atom … .)

Thank you


The problem with variable-width fonts is that Atom has no idea where to wrap them. With a monospace font, it’s very easy to do the math on which character to bump to the next line. You can’t do what you want to do with the way Atom’s TextEditor rendering works, because it’s not just a standard <textarea>.