Soft Wrap Not Working


I select both the Soft Wrap & Soft Wrap at Preferred Line Length, nothing happens? Scrolling right and left to see the whole line is killing me, especially since I like to use multiple panes. The lines of code on the left pane are going behind the right pane… Is this a bug or is that not what Soft Wrap is supposed to do?

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If you don’t have multiple panes, does Soft Wrap work? Does Soft Wrap work with Soft Wrap at Preferred Line Length turned off?


No and no. There is no wrapping… just right and left scrolling.Screenshot of Atom with Soft Scroll selected only


What Atom version are you using?

Toggle Soft Wrap not working as expected

version 0.71.0

I just opened a new file and previewed the md… now it is wrapping! I am so excited! Not sure why it was not wrapping before.

Do you need to close all panes/files and reopen them when you change settings?

Screenshot Working with 2 Panes

Screenshot Working with 1 Pane


Yeah, it looks like it has to do with this. Sorry I didn’t catch it sooner …

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