Soft Wrap bug - ghost characters


When using Soft Wrap and the text then wraps to a new line, there are 5 characters after the cursor and it behaves weirdly as such. It’s rather strange!


Can you post a link to a screenshot?


Even better, took a little video! :slight_smile:


There seem to be a lot of people having problems with the caret position. It sounds a lot like the problem I had myself a few months ago in an app I’m working on. I wrote my own textarea with syntax highlighting at first (fun stuff), ran into this problem, then switched to CodeMirror because I needed text editing to be rock solid. Turns out, it had the same problem. It ended up being a bug in Chromium, updating to a newer version of Chromium solved the problem in both my own textarea and CodeMirror.

I don’t know how recent the version of Chromium Atom uses is. If it’s a few months old this could be the same problem. I don’t remember what exactly the problem in Chromium was, but I should be able to browse through my git history to see which version of Chromium had this problem if anyone from Github thinks this could be it and is interested.