Soft wrap at preferred line length isn't honored


I have preferred line length 800 and both soft wrap and soft wrap at preferred line length enabled. I resized my window to narrow one but lines are wrapped before 800 characters - they actually wrap based on window size.

Is this a bug or feature?
If feature, is it possible to wrap really only when preferred length is reached?

Many thanks


I suppose it’s meant to be a feature, but it should be configurable.

I tried looking into it at one point, but the obvious things to change caused weird bugs, so I haven’t tried since.


Thank you for reply. So I guess it isn’t a priority to address it in the close future?


I haven’t prioritised it, no.

The entire source is all there, so anyone who feels more strongly about it and is familiar with JS could theoretically make a PR to fix it, but they haven’t yet.

I get that this response isn’t ideal, but I don’t see it as likely to be fixed any time soon (though I might take another look).


O.K., thank you for your thoughts. I understand that there are lots of features to implement so not everything can be done. :slight_smile: