Soft tabs should follow tab stops


If I have 2-space soft tabs set, I would expect pressing [TAB] to sometimes insert 1 space, or whatever is necessary to meet the next tab stop.

You can see below how I have to use [SPACE] to correctly meet the tab stop, where [TAB] will always insert 2 spaces, no matter where the tab stop is.

| | | | |   <~~ Tab stops
var a = 1;  
     ^----- [SPACE] Correct
var b  = 2; 
     ^----- [TAB] Incorrect

Let me know if there’s a repo I can modify to correct this behavior. Thanks!

Tabulators are not aligned correctly
Tab stops not rendering properly?
Tabulators are not aligned correctly

I’m having an issue that is probably related in that hard tabs are not shown properly. They are all just rendered as the number of space characters I have set instead of just being as wide as the length to the next tab stop.

So when I’m using hard tabs and set tabs to be 8 characters wide I get this:

While I would expect it to look more like this:


I’m having the same problem, instead of all my comments being aligned perfectly, they all look randomly placed.


I think this problem isn’t only related to Soft Tabs. I have deactivated the soft tabs option in the preferences, so tabulators are not replaced by spaces.

Same issue with ordinary tabulators.


Yeah, this bug is/was really annoying for editing code with any kind of vertical alignment besides the indentation on the left. It didn’'t just affect typing tabs, but also displaying existing ones.

I just submitted a pull request with a fix, so hopefully that will fix hard tabs at least. I’m not sure what the expected behaviour for soft tabs would be, so I left that alone, for the moment.


I agree.
It’s difficult with a lot of code if the code is not aligned.


+1 can’t write Haskell in Atom primarily because of this.

The Sublime Text behaviour (all kinds of tabs follow tab stops, soft tabs insert N spaces where N is the distance to the next tab stop) is perfect and well accepted.


This has been fixed and should be available in the next version of Atom (v0.116.0):

Closing this topic as resolved. If there is a new wrinkle, please feel free to open a new topic.

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