So what should I program?


I’ve played around and made my own theme, but now what? Give me something creative or fun to program. Ideas! Give me some ideas to attempt to program.

Auto scroll package (not md sync)

Write an app that polls your online calendar and social media accounts for upcoming events (you could even have it run through your note apps/files for things that look like dates and are in the future), then writes that list to something you look at every day (Conky for Linux, Rainmeter or a gadget for Windows, a menu bar dropdown for Mac, etc.).

Or you could write a daemon that listens to an IRC server until it gets a direct message from you, and is then able to execute a shell script that creates an ssh tunnel to a server under your control that you can then connect to in order to access the computer the daemon is sitting on without dealing with the firewall. You know, a botnet, of your own computers, for fun. You’ll never again have to deal with being out and about and wishing you had dropped a particular file into your sync service. By hacking your own computer, you can have access to all of your files from anywhere. Or mess with family members who use the computer.