So much potential but so many issues


You see, i just wanted to move from the old sublime text for good and after some hard though i gave Atom finally a try.
Some crucial missing features that should have been CORE from the very start… i am not sure how can any1 work without being able to open recent files? … Ok there is a package for it… great i installed it… but now the search and replace was unclosable - the esc key was not working (strange behavior i.e. opening the welcome menu, than switching back to some file tab back would make the find pane to close properly on esc key)… i figured something maybe is messing with it… maybe the newly installed package - open recent… i started atom --safe and it works! Yay!.. I opened Atom normally with disabled open-recent-files package and it works! Great… i enabled it again… guess what now it works!
… Now i noticed that Atom is not auto saving my sessions, i guessed there should be a package for that and yes there is save-session… great i installed it and guess what is not working at all - after some time i managed somehow to make it work but sometimes it works as expected sometimes it’s only keeping one tab open (i think it was the first)… This is one of the best features in Sublime or VSCode … i mean how in the name of code could you not code this in first? Or for that matter… recent files…
Project tree… I think it was working at the start when i installed Atom but now it won’t even when i start it in safe mode. I made some research and i found that tree view won’t open if there is not a project folder - why the nonsense? It’s just common sense to be able to open tree view even if there is nothing opened in there… just show it empty …
… oh yeah i tried enabling the auto save core feature in Atom but it only saves the file when it looses focus as far as i could see…

And most importantly i checked the gits of the plugins issues history and all i saw was issues after almost each update… this scared me as hell and i will be using the old Sublime for now… and i hate doing that but i have to… i just cant work without some essential stuff like i mentioned earlier or having to worry will i get an issue up after an update right when i am on the deadline- (and i only spent like 2-3 hours on Atom…)

I know it’s open source and all can contribute … but i really expected much more… like at least not to worry about the basic stuff …In Sublime stability is AAA core/package wise, both! I hope Atom gets to that point some day and i’d be happy to make the switch! Now what good are features and tons of features (that is great) but when not usable?.. no point right… Again… i hope Atom improves on stability soon!


Atom does this automatically. If it’s not working for you, then something is going wrong.

It’s just common sense to be able to open tree view even if there is nothing opened in there… just show it empty

I don’t feel like that’s necessarily obvious, but it would probably be nice to have the option.


Atom does this automatically. If it’s not working for you, then something is going wrong.

What do you mean automatically? It should save the sessions and restore them back when i turn Atom again? Like if i create e.g. 3 new tabs and type something random on each (not saving them as anything …) close Atom reopen again and these tabs would be restored? Cause that is not working at all for me - and as far as i know just because the session saving was missing from Atom the package save-session was developed.

I don’t feel like that’s necessarily obvious, but it would probably be nice to have the option.

Yeah perhaps …i felt “obvious” cause you have it there in other popular text editors and other software too…


Yes, Atom saves and restores state if you are working on a “project”. A project is defined as having at least one project folder in the Tree View. There are a couple bugs open around that … but there are other topics in the past day that describe those.


Thanks @leedohm i figured it out already - though point me to the bugs if you can so i can be aware of.
Don’t get me wrong… it’s just the unpolished state of Atom for now… I know and i understand it’s much younger than sublime … And because i want to see Atom going forward i don’t think that a post like mine should stay here - i don’t think it’s healthy for the community … so please could you delete the whole thread.


It’s not really a bug, it’s a feature of “contextual launch” that can be very confusing at first.

Sometime it’s good to have reminder that some aspect of the software are confusing.


I agree with @jeancroy. I think it is a good thing for us to have a record to refer to that certain things are confusing and cause friction, especially for new users. (I use posts like this to illustrate pain points the community is experiencing in discussions with the maintainers.)


@leedohm @jeancroy Ok guys your decision and good point… though if this post stays i want to let everyone know i will be staying with Atom for a while… i think i will work on the problems whenever i can and maybe contribute - i really want to make the switch :slight_smile:


If there’s anything I can do to help you when you’re ready to contribute, let me know :grinning:


@leedohm thank you, i will :slight_smile:


@mask There is a new feature in atom 1.13.0 that address one of your laments.

As announced in the changelog there is a new feature called Reopen Project.
here is the snippet from the changelog

Here is the full changelog so that you can get all the information.
Atom v1.13.0 changelog


@batsauto thanks for letting me know, I am getting my hands on it, right now! :slight_smile:


I also think it’s very weird that the tree view does not just appear even when empty. Even when clicking the Toggle TreeView menu item.


If you are saying about closing the editor, coming back and the Project Folders not being there, I know that feel.


I’d like to add my 2p to this interesting discussion, since I am a switcher from Sublime, was similarly annoyed at various aspects of Atom and currently I’m making my living from coding in Atom. My Sublime and WebStorm are gathering dust.

I don’t have sessions problem on Atom. All my projects are managed by ProjectManager (package by danielbrodin). Every open source library or client project gets saved there, then I quickly call any project by CTRL+CMD+P.

Atom Project tree goes along with the saved project, it will be there as you left. I don’t have much problems with it, besides the fact that Dash snippet app for Mac takes over CMD+/ key combo which was meant to toggle tree view. Now I toggle tree view manually via menus (I do it rarely though). However, Dash snippets are totally worth it, because my code snippets work everywhere, not only Atom. I can cite code solution on Stack Overflow, and trigger code snippet there, right in the text area. Or drop some Markdown snippets in Ulysses, nvALT or iA Writer.

I don’t care about autosave because CMD+S is usually tied to some next step - linting, running tests, browsersync refresh… You don’t work in vacuum, there’s pipeline of actions normally that the saving triggers. That’s why I don’t value autosave.

My main critique points to Atom are:

  • Slowness working with large files. I never knew 8MB JSON file can be a challenge for Atom. It’s not for Sublime.
  • General, relative sluggishness which is expected on this technology. Old programming languages produce faster programs generally. Sublime appears slightly faster than Atom.
  • Code suggestion attributes. Atom never really “nailed” code suggestion, it still sucks for HTML and CSS. Try style=“display:” on a HTML tag - nothing is suggested. I code email templates and this is the main pain point for me.
  • Code bookmarks were solved only recently, 1.14 betas fixed it. Imho and with full respect and gratefulness, that was a ridiculous bug.
  • Nobody came up with a solution to select the whole opening tag (in order to cut, copy, fold it — infinite possibilities), from opening to closing tag and everything in between. CTRL+CMD+M is close but worthless for HTML templating. Dreamweaver had “Collapse Full Tag” which was the best code folding solution ever. CFT showed what was inside of collapsed piece, it could be triggered by keyboard command (no triangles to click with mouse) and also CFT was not dependent on code lines (it worked even on minified code!).

From the points above, it seems Atom was not originally meant to be the HTML code editor. It was JS code editor first, and only later HTML+CSS was added, but as a second thought. HTML attribute suggestion for example, came very late. Compare that to Brackets for example, where it was from day 0 and was better than Atom attribute suggestion is now.

Critique aside, I’m using Atom 100% of the time these days because of its unique features (comparing to Sublime mainly):

  • Linting. In Atom, it’s easy to set up the linting: JSON, JS Standard, HTML, SASS, and all others. No $PATH nonsense, no setup. Just download and it’s on.
  • Free software and from a company I can trust. I don’t trust Adobe or Micro$oft to take care of my code editor. Imho, both caused more harm than good to humanity. Email dev industry is still being choked by M$ Outlooks that are based on Word rendering engine :sob:, just like IE6-9 choked Web Dev (heck, even IE11 causes grief if you code flexbox). Equally, Photo$hop was initially too good and caused the industry stagnate, it’s a poor tool for UX and UI design. Adobe’s monthly-fee business model is practically a racket. I’m glad that all my clients moved on to Sketch; I haven’t received PSD comps to code up for at least a year now. Back on code editor subject, the Sublime Text company can be trusted, but their software is not free. I trust GitHub and Atom’s free.