Snippets question: jump to next placeholder

I only use Atom to write LaTeX and I’d like to create some snippets, but I don’t know how to correctly jump to the next placeholder.

For example,

    'prefix': 'dint'
    'body': '\\\\int_{$1}^{$2} $3 \\\\mathrm{d} $4'
    'prefix': 'a'
    'body':  '\\\\alpha'

Then in my .tex file, when I enter dint and then Tab, it correctly display what I want with the cursor between the first {}

I can continue to type and use Tab to jump to the next placeholder if I do not use Tab for another snippet. For example, in the following gif, the cursor jumped because I used Tab.

However, if I used Tab for another snippet during the process, the cursor will fail to jump. Here, after I type a, I pressed Tab for \alpha. After that, if I press Tab, the cursor will not jump.

Is there any way to work it out?

The Atom snippets package currently does not support nested snippets. There is an open Issue for that here:

Thanks for letting me know!