Snippets Does't Work

Hi Everyone,
Sorry to bother you guys with this silly question, My custom snippets are not working. (It’s not like they stopped working, it never worked). When I type the prefix and press tab, it simply expands the prefix.
The steps I followed was,
Edit -> snippets ---- snippets.cson opened up -----
and then, I wrote this
‘Validation in the controller’:
‘prefix’: ‘validate’
‘body’: “”"
$this->validate(request(), [

I tried to find the mistake, but i couldn’t. Also tried pasting something from github, that too doesn’t worked. the '.source.php' was replaced with '.text.html.php', Still not working…

Please Help

You got the scope right initially.

Please post a screenshot of your snippets file so that we can see the code exactly as you wrote it.