Snippets didn't load for a new user


I’m not exactly sure where the problem lies, though I was able to resolve it.

As a new user, I think the ~/.atom/snippets.cson file didn’t exist. When I selected Edit->Snippets... and created a valid snippet and saved the file, it still wouldn’t work. I looked at the documentation and it said that it would work as soon as I saved my new snippet.

I restarted Atom and the snippet started working, and adding new ones and saving the cson file worked as well without restarting Atom again.

This is one of the following:

  1. Documentation should mention to quit/restart after creating your first snippets
  2. Bug in Atom for not seeing that a snippets.cson file has been created and reload it
  3. Bug in new user’s dotfile creation for not creating the snippets.cson file out of the gate.
  4. ???