Snippet inside a snippet


I have noticed that a snippet might not work within another snippet. For instance, when I trigger a snippet with multiple tab-points and then trigger another snippet at one of these, I can no longer use the Tab to jump to the remaining tab-points of the outer snippet.

Here’s how you can reproduce this:

  • Create an empty HTML document
  • type html and hit Tab to complete to an empty page

You can now use Tab to jump between <title> and <body>, but let’s continue the steps above with the following:

  • With the cursor between the <title> tags, type img and hit Tab to complete this (stupid thing to do, but this is for demonstration purposes only!)
  • Hit Tab to complete again to jump between src and alt
  • Hit Tab again and Atom will indent </title> rather than jumping inside the <body>

For my understanding, that’s a bug that should be addressed in the future.


This is a duplicate of the very recent topic here:

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