Snippet failed to load


I keep getting snippets failed to load from
it says snippets.cson missing/unclosed regex.
How do I fix this?
I just started using atom only 2 days ago so sorry for the newbie question.
I need to create a snippet for as part of an assignment for class.
So I have to find out how to fix this.



We are a bit lost for words if you do not share what you have right now.
As a tip on how to publish the code here…
paste the code in the post; then mark the code with the </> button.

Perhaps look at this post for some ideas as maybe you can resolve it yourself ->



‘li anchor’:
‘prefix’: ‘lia’

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    First, make sure to put the actual snippet (the body) into quotes, otherwise the closing tag will be treated as a regex pattern. Secondly, while unrelated to the issue, make sure the <li> tag ist closed. And lastly, I’d put in some tab-stops to make the snippet more useful.

      'li anchor':
        'prefix': 'lia'
        'body': '<li><a href="$1">$2</a></li>$0'


    Dear fellow,

    Reading the document should help you:

    To compliment the answer from @idleberg (thank you) is suggesting…
    For your case the left and right of the : is text that should be encircled with ' or ".
    Multi-line uses """… this is documented in the link above.

    The trick here is that you are using " inside the snippet.
    So use either ' or """ so that the system knows what you are doing.



    i disabled all packages i installed and restarted Atom IDE. That worked for me.