Snippet auto-completion within an HTML attribute


Snippets and Autocomplete-Plus work great for the most part, however, when you are within an HTML tags attribute, they do not work. I’m not totally sure if this is a Snippets issue or an Autocomplete issue, seems to be more of an Autocomplete scope issue though I can’t narrow it down any further. Anyone know for a package or fix for this?

Example of the snippet:

  'Example Snippet':
    'prefix': 'exam'
    'body': 'anything you want here'

Example of where it works and doesn’t work:

works here
<div class="doesn't work here">
  works here
  <img src="doesn't work here">
  works here
</div>works here
works here

Code Hint menu for symbols not working

Possibly related:


Doesn’t seem to be related to this post after comparing the issues. Snippets will autocomplete fine after punctuation in the places in my example just fine. Seems be a scope issue, snippets not autocompleting only when within and HTML elements attribute.