Snap / Dock on Windows



I am looking forward to find a solution to make an app snap to the top of the desktop but without overlapping on the other windows.
I have other win32 applications that split the desktop workarea so all other windows keep using the beyond area.
Is there any way to hack this or may be a future implementation of Electron ?


Were you ever able to figure this out? I have a similar need for an application I’ll be working on shortly.


No, I didn´t found a solution to this, still searching.


Can I ask: would Windows application toolbars ( be the effect you are looking for? If so, I am actively looking into that now and have another question posted in this forum about it.

And if so, now I don’t feel so lonely about it!


It looks like the application toolbar is indeed what I will be after. Would be nice if there was a way to implement that with Electron, but I’d guess that there isn’t a way to do that yet.


Working on it…


Did you have a workarround for this ?


I spent quite a long time on this but could never get it stable. It must be more of an Electron thing than a Chromium thing, because I ultimately went straight to CEF and got something working in a few hours.

– tomo

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