SMB mounted files are blank since 1.6 and continue to be in 1.7


The title says it all. The last version of Atom that I’ve been able to use to access my mounted files is 1.5.3.

I’m using Windows 10 and my files are on a linux box using smb to mount a share as a drive.


If you drop and reconnect the SMB mount, do they show up?


No. I’ve tried lots of things but it really seems to be that Atom does not like to deal with network mounted files.


Atom has also been unusable for me for a few versions due to this.

Using it on Ubuntu with files in a sshfs mount.
It finds the files fine, but opening any of them results in empty looking files.


I’ve already reported this issue.

It appear to be fixed started from 1.8.0-beta 1.