Smaller size of Atom

Is it possible to significantly decrease the size of Atom? For example like Notepad++ or so,
that installation size is smaller than 50MB for example.

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No, that’s not possible in the foreseeable future

Could you make this in the future roadmap?

I’m not part of the development team, but I doubt with the current stack it’s not possible. And I don’t see reasons why the current stack would be changed. Atom is an Electron app, that means it’s basically Chromium web-browser, the Node runtime and a bunch of custom stuff. It’s big, but it’s multi-platform and has proven to work considerably well. Electron apps have become popular because they make it easy to have one code-base that works on Linux, macOS and Windows. Popular apps such as Spotify, Slack, Skype, Visual Studio Code and others are all built with Electron.

And what is the problem with app size anyway, other that it does not fit on a 3.5" floppy disk?

There an idea on how to reduce the app size:
But apparently this has not yet implemented yet.
On GitHub there also is a repo that claimed that the mechanism of using the system’s chromium (if existing I guess) worked but unfortunately I can’t remember it’s name and I think it was not maintained anymore when I found it (maybe 1 or 2 years ago…).

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Would it be possible to create an Atom version which is small size like Notepad++ or CudaText?
Like Atom Lightweight.

I do very much think is possible to reduce size of atom. Does Atom has any justification of 650MB of installation size? Can’t even debug and run a python program or PHP program without installing extra extensions. Where is all that 650MB function go? just some syntax highlighting and code completion? VSCode does the same functions for 270MB 2.3 times smaller. Both of these are electron chromium apps.

App size is not about disk storage. If app size can’t give functions without installing extensions to make it even bigger, what is the point of the size? cannot compile a single app with Atom out of the box.

Plus, Atom use very old chromium 76 and electron 6. While VSCode have chromium 83 and electron 9.

Yeah this is what I don’t understand, why is Atom using older stuff than vscode? I mean it’s basically the same.

I don’t see why Atom can’t be small while vscode is able, when using the exactly same components. It is not like you are writing your own API. You are using electron and chromium to build the app. And the size does not contribute to any function, just don’t make any sense.

Wanted to register just to point the same thing - the size is just nuts, for essentially, a text editor. And still, Source Insight, even older 2004 version, is much more handy for C++, for example. I mean, the size has definitely not contributed to some intellectual value.