Smaller popup


Hello guys, is it possible to make this popup smaller?


You can use CSS to reduce its size, or you can uninstall the package that’s providing those detailed autocomplete suggestions. Here’s the default style file.

Something else I notice is that your text seems to be all Times New Roman. TNR (well, “default serif”) is used as a fallback by Atom if the font that it has been told to use isn’t found. Are you intending to use that font?


My fonts are font-family: “OperatorMono-Medium”;
Btw one more question , iam looking for auto complete javascript helper . Like when i want to type document.get to show me the list of getElementById get ElementsByClassName etc… do you know something to suggest . The helper now sometimes doesnt show all my options


where should i put the autocomplete styles the default one ?


I don’t. I don’t write that much JS.

where should i put the autocomplete styles

Put any style changes in your .atom/styles.less file.