Small package to show / open files in Finder



i write a small package to open files or directory in the system file manager, which means Finder on OSX, etc. And now I want share these few lines with you. :smiley:

Currently the package adds TWO new entries to the file-view context-menu on the left and to the context-menu of the tab-view. First one opens the finder and marks the selected file, the second opens the file with the default application.

0.2 is now available via apm install show-in-system.

You can find the package also on GitHub. I’m open for your feedback or pull requests if something doesn’t work or if we could extend it.


Reveal in Finder

Excellent plug in man! Well done!


Nice, have been looking for something like this.

Only slight issue I have with it currently is the naming of ‘Show within System’.

In most other editors around, the ‘standard’ copy for this sort of thing is normally ‘Show in Finder’ which is much better I think.

What do you guys think?


Absolutely. Currently this comes from a static cson-file… I will check (later) if it is possible to create or update menu entries at runtime (without a too big hack… :wink: )

If somebody could support here with a hint this would be nice.


But why do you want to do it at runtime? To support different OS?

I changed the cson-file locally and I’m happy with that :slight_smile:

'Show in Finder': 'open-within-system:show'


Yep, to support different OS. But i find a solution to support different OS’s with multiple cson-files.

There is a new version available - BUT (sorry for that) - i changed the module name to fix the incorrect grammar. Thanks @thomasbritton and @JAStanton for feedback.

So if you want the origin version with the brand new Find in Finder entries… :smiley:

apm uninstall open-within-system
apm install show-in-system