Slower app behavior isn't possible I guess


Dear All/dear Developer!

It’s now quite some time ago when I started to try Atom as my new text editor. I loved the style mainly so I thought about giving it a shot especially with some packages that really sounded great. But there’s just one very big fail among smaller ones and this is the speed. I’m waiting longer for Atoms start up than I wait for Netbeans to open. This is for just editing a simple text file just much too long. If it takes longer than Netbeans start up I think I’m staying with Notepad++. This is a joke for a simple text editor. Of course I also added the IDE packages, maybe that’s where the speed gets lost but I think before I installed it it was already pretty slow.

Also many packages are just not well done at all. E.g. the IDE packages… What are they doing anyway? I really expected to have a solid folder structure on the left side and the files contents on the right side. It’s somehow working but the “project” functionality is behaving so strangely… As if the developers never used an IDE before and you make advertisment for it on your main site… Sorry but maybe ask yourself once, what’s the point in creating atom? Shouldn’t it have advantages compared to other editors somewhere? What makes atom better than others? I mean at the moment atom only has disadvantages with any other editor I know.

I can see absolutely no reason to stay with it even if I would have love to, but it’s not really an advantage if you have to wait so long for a simple program start up.

Sorry but it’s simply the worst new editor I ever tried.

Hope you’ll fix the speed and create much better packages… Maybe implement a solid project handling from the start and not let others implement some weird behaving left sidebar (can’t really call it something else). Make file->new project and file->open project menus and handle them as such in a stable and especially user friendly way.


Dear @oliiix!

Feel free to help contribute in any way you think you are capable. Atom is an open source effort by a small team, and really appreciates help from community members like you or me!

Yes, speed has always been a concern. Efforts are always being made to optimise it. If you have any ideas, please feel free to chip in!

People often say things like “X feature is missing, so I’m going to use product Y instead unless you fix it”. I never really understood those comments; if you like the other product better, go for it! No one is trying to force you to use Atom. Of course, if you like Atom and want to help it do better, an actionable issue or well written PR is always appreciated!

By actionable, I mean something that can be isolated, measurable, narrow in scope, etc. So

  • “I looked at the start up process and found an excessive amout of time was spent doing X. Maybe we could do Y instead?”

instead of

  • “Atom is slow: Fix it now or I’ll never use it again”.

The first will take more effort than the second, but is much more likely to get a response and/or PR addressing it. The vaguer an issue is, the more time and effort it takes just to even understand it and work out a solution.

I don’t quite understand; is the outline view of atom-ide-ui not working? Try going in the menu bar View -> Toggle outline. If your project has support for an outline (I know it works for TypeScript at least), it will display a file contents tree on the right.

If I’ve misunderstood, this would be an excellent example of something that can be clearly explained in an issue, complete with current and expected behaviour.

And it’s totally fine if you feel that way. As I said above, nobody is forcing Atom on you. If another editor suits your needs better, please use it. Really.

Another candidate for elaboration about what is happening vs what you expect

And another

Thanks for your understanding; I hope this helps put everything in perspective. Again, feel free to not use Atom. But on the flip side, any contributions (PR, issue submission, etc.) are always appreciated!