Slow startup workarounds - what are you trying?


Hi there,

I’ve been using Atom a few years now, and I love it to bits. When using it as my main editor, and when opening single files from the command line the slow startup can be a bit of a pain.

I understand startup speed is an issue the team are working on and I appreciate the speed improvements that have been made, but I’m curious - are there any other workarounds available in the meantime, that others on the forum here use?

The help text when you call atom --help says this:

One or more paths to files or folders may be specified. If there is an
existing Atom window that contains all of the given folders, the paths
will be opened in that window. Otherwise, they will be opened in a new

A workaround I’m trying

If I open atom in my home root, I can open files slightly faster, as almost every file I might work on is ‘contained’ by that window. The downsides are that I can’t search across files and such like easily, but for working on scratch files or small bits of text, it’s okay. Atom decides to index everything ‘contained’ by this window, burning loads of CPU.

I can also open an existing project folder, by calling atom . in the project, and I still get the benefits of being able to search within the project and so on.

Is there a way to disable some of indexing that presumably happens in the window where I’ve opened atom at ~? Or indeed, a smarter way to open atom for one off editing tasks like this?



My main thing is that I rarely close Atom. Since all Atom instances run under one main process, adding a second, third, fourth, etc project window is relatively low cost. The only time I need to close Atom is to restart for an Atom or package update.