Slow performance on Ubuntu 12.04 (64-bit) in Virtualbox


Is anyone using Atom on Ubuntu 12.04 (64-bit) inside VirtualBox? Most things in my VM works pretty smoothly, but when I launch and use Atom, everything is painfully slow. Takes a second or more to switch a tab, open a file,

I"m on the latest version 0.100.

The host OS is Windows 7, and there is plenty of ram allocated.


Looks like this might be a duplicate of this report?


Good chance that issue is related, although I am also just experiencing slowdown doing anything else in the application as well.

FWIW I don’t seem to have the same issue in an Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit VM I just set up.


Just had a problem with electron running on VirtualBox, when I use remote to access the local machine I get 100% cpu and no response from the electron application. I’ve found a simple solution though. The virtual machine I was using was set to one core. I’ve changed it to 2 cores and the problem vanished, no more hanging with 100% cpu and working really well.


Thank you for this tip, it really helped improve Atom in my Windows 7 Virtual machine.