Single step nodejs


Hi, how can i single-step my nodes project in atom?


Can you explain a little more what you’re asking?
Do you mean like a boilerplate for your node project?


I assume you mean to execute code and set breakpoints. Atom is not an IDE but there is a package that allows you to run node inside an atom window and set breakpoints etc. I have a real IDE package for node half-written that allows you to debug node in an external process, which is usually what you want. Unfortunately I don’t know when I’ll ever get to work on it.


hi, i got a node project using express framework. i want to run it and set breakpoint to debug it in atom


if i cant do this, that mean i can only use console.log and keep restarting my node app for debug. this is not very covenience


You can use any of several node debuggers outside of Atom. As I said before Atom is not an IDE.