Single path for Atom on Windows - diff. versions with Chocolatey


I use Windows and install Atom using Chocolatey.

I have the excellent windows-context-menu package installed, which gives me “Open file in Atom,” and “Open folder ion Atom.”

However, whenever I install an updated version of atom (cup atom), the context menu will still point to the previous version until I open the latest version (and have to run as admin because of UAC).

Also, with a new version, my start menu pinned Atom application points to a new version, so I have to repin it.

So the underlying theme here is that it makes it difficult having a different file path for each version.
Is it possible to have the atom executable in the same path, and have, for example, the lib files etc in a specific version? Maybe a bootstrap atom.exe which checks the current files and looks for files there?

I have also tried mucking around with mklink but to no avail.


I think this should be an issue on atom’s chocolatey repo.
I have seen others report problems like this as well, but no one has actually opened an issue for it.

However it is related to some issues on the core atom repo, which were also down to how Chocolatey does things, e.g.:


I agree, managing context menu shortcuts should be part of the installation process, whether part of Chocolatey or deploy scripts for atom.

It is currently in a package, which is a second-rate experience IMHO (not reflecting on the package or package author, it is excellent, it has to work within its constraints, that’s all).

@Zren has already raised an issue in the atom chocolatey repository for this:

I have also raised an issue regarding having the atom.exe executable left in the same path between versions, to help prevent shortcuts breaking:


I’m not sure what’s up with #25, it’s not clear to me whether he is opening a problem or trying to explain how he wish it was done. What does “directory backgrounds” mean?

But either way, it’s good you created a new issue. Let’s see what comes of it.


The backgrounds refers to when you right click in explorer without selecting a file or directory.

Issue 25 has been fixed (context items are updated by chocolatey) but for me pinned task bar items are still an issue, not sure if the best solution is to fix items during upgrade or update the executable to point to the same path.


The problem when updating Atom and create a new folder for that update will be fixed?


@bultak - the context menu item “Open folder with Atom” or “Open file with Atom” is now updated when Atom is updated, which fixed my core issue.

There is still a scenario where atom is pinned to the taskbar, that after an update that pin is broken, however that is not critical to me, and will probably be addressed with the roadmapped work on Windows installer.

The fact atom creates a new folder for each version is actually by design for the Chocolatey package manager, so while we are using Chocolatey, it looks like this will not change.


That happens on almost every upgrade of every app on my win 8. I’ve gotten used to it.


A lot of apps do behave as you said - in this case I was comparing to Notepad++, which updates install to the same directory and doesn’t break the links.

Currently I don’t have atom pinned to the taskbar - and that is fine especially now the explorer context menus are always updated (and I can launch atom from PowerShell).


An issue in atom/atom is being worked on that will get rid of the need for chocolatey. I’m looking forward to that.


As @russlescai said, this is actually an issue with Chocolatey, rather than Atom. Chocolatey keeps all old versions of packages installed when you update them, which can cause problems with packages that aren’t really meant to have multiple versions installed at once. People have been complaining about it for a while, since no other package managers (that I know of) behave the same way.