Simultaneous horizontal and vertical scrolling choppy


Hello everyone,

So I know that you guys put some effort in making the horizontal scroll much smoother, but for me at least, when trying to scroll from, let’s say, top left to bottom-right of a big file, the scrolling experience is kind of choppy. It seems like there’s no possibility of scrolling both vertical and horizontal at the same time, which results in a staircase-like movement. This is especially annoying when using the trackpad on a mac.

If you want a good example, I think ST does that right, as its editor can be scrolled seamlessly in almost any direction without any choppiness.


Check this bug for history:

Free-form scrolling is rarely what people want in a text editor, they typically want only horizontal or only vertical scrolling. So allowing free-form scrolling was confusing people. I agree though that perhaps there is a solution that allows for both.


Thanks for the link, I must have missed it. I see what you’re saying. In fact, if I wasn’t using macbook trackpad so extensively I’d probably find free-form scrolling confusing as well. However, once I got used to it, it is now very difficult for me to go back. Perhaps making the free-form scroll configurable from the settings panel (on/off) would be a way to go?

Anyway, I’m aware that this may not be the most important feature to implement at the moment, it’s just my 2 cents on how to make Atom even better.