Simplier dev workflow


i’ve just published my first package. would you please help me setting up my environment?

i have my own package installed from the repository. if i want to edit, i do the following:

  • apm uninstall minimap-titles
  • git clone my-package
  • cd my-package
  • apm link .
  • apm install
  • [edit and test the code in atom]
  • git add -A .
  • git commit
  • apm publish … (major, minor, patch, etc.)
  • apm uninstall
  • cd …/ && rm -rf my-package/
  • apm install minimap-titles

i’m pretty sure there must be a simplier way to do this, would you give me some suggestions?


You can use the apm develop command to simplify this workflow greatly. Also, you can use the apm link --dev option to link the version of your package under development to the ~/.atom/dev/packages directory that gets used when you launch Atom with atom --dev.