Simple package synchronization across devices for Atom


Hello there!

I just released my first package atom-package-sync, and since I don’t have that much experience in writing Atom packages, I would like to know if I could get some feedback about it. It consists of a simple process that automatically keeps in sync all of your settings and installed packages across your devices. It is based on the really great sync-settings package but it stores your information privately in the cloud and is completely automated. I plan to release the source code for the server side in the coming weeks and add an export feature for alternative backups. Let me know what you think of it and if you would like more features.

Here is a screenshot:




man, this is awesome, I never knew that tehre was something like this, I loved it!

Just a few questions:

  • Why use Google?
  • Does the packages sync across some Google App database?
  • How GitHub can be part of this?





Thanks a lot! Really appreciate your feedback! In fact this is a private initiative, GitHub is not part of this. I was just tired of synchronizing manually my packages so I decided to store them in a Google Cloud server. And since a couple of people told me they would want a service like this, I made the package available for everyone.

In the future, I plan to add some “premium” features and maybe charge for them so I can pay my server costs, but the basic package synchronization will always be free. Also, the source code for the server will be open sourced this weekend if you want to host it yourself.

The busy indication is a great idea! I will try to implement it in the coming weeks and will surely add GitHub as an alternative authentication provider.

Thanks again!



For busy state I have is some suggestions from where to start:

Maybe we can get some free storage for this package, once this is free and open source, like Amazon or the GitHub itself, since this package is of full interest of Atom (a GitHub’s project).

Just a note: “In fact this is a private initiative, GitHub is not part of this.”, I knew this, I was talking about how GitHub could be usefull for this package, hehe.


Cool! Thanks for the package suggestions! I was about to write this feature from scratch but this will save me a lot of time! hehe This busy icon should really be part of Atom by default, it is a nice feature.
Alright good point on the free storage. I will post a new message here when the source is release.

Have a good day odahcam


Thx, I will send messages for GitHub and Amazon to see if they wanna help an Open Source cause.

Have a good day too.


The server for atom-package-sync is now open source, I made another thread for the announcement. It’s a simple NodeJs app with MongoDB as the database and Redis for caching. Let me know if you have any comments or questions.


Just waiting for GitHub team:

Unhappily I forgot to include your name and this post on the message, but I hope they will get in touch soon and I will send this to they.


Great! :smiley: As for the busy icon, I didn’t have time to work on it yet, I had to fix a few bugs in the package. But it’s coming! hehe


Nice package! Really useful!! Thanks!


GitHub did not contacted me back, I’m still waiting their answer. :disappointed:


No worries! Thanks for your help! :wink: