Simple Full Screen Mode


One thing that both Sublime Text and iTerm offer is an option for what ST calls “Simple Full Screen Mode”. This is different than Lion’s full screen style, but instead covers up the current desktop with the application, allowing you to quickly move in and out of full screen mode without leaving the current desktop. Is there a way to enable that in Atom, or if not, is that possible? I usually like assigning it to Cmd+Enter, so I can quickly move between full screen and standard window.

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This is extremely important for use with Visor terminals and the like.



Well important, since Apple decided to bastardised it in Lion.


This would come in handy plz.


+1 I would also love this. Fullscreen currently breaks my visor term.


Another :+1: for this!


Yup, same here… DO WANT! :thumbsup:


Do want this feature! Rather useful when using several applications at the same time.


I would love this as well - using Atom with spaces and multiple monitors hinders efficiency.


I fully agree too : mac OS X full screen support is not useable for me, I would love that Atom implement its own, simple and efficient fullscreen mode !


Yeah, this would be great. The animation that comes with switching to an OS X full screen space makes me groaaaaannn.


This is vital for people suffering from motion sickness.


I just want to mention that, if this is added, it should not be the default - having the OS standard as default behaviour is always preferable.
Of course, implementing this as an alternative fullscreen mode (ctrl-opt-cmd-F ?) would be cool.



This is feature is what’s keeping me from using atom full time.


FYI, there is a related issue on github:


+1 - This is really critical to me. Apple’s fullscreen mode is terrible.


I can live without it for now, but I really miss this from my other editors!


The simple issue here is that it likely takes > 500ms to switch between the editor and e.g. a browser without the simple fullscreen mode.


The lack of a simple fullscreen mode is the main reason I’m staying with ST3.
Would <3 to have that in Atom!


+1. Main thing keeping me on St3