Simple Comparing APP


Hello everyone!
This is my first post and I was hoping if someone could point me in the right direction, I am currently learning web development and as a personal project I want to automate a process on a non IT job where I am currently employed.
Each day I edit some excel spread sheet and waste alot of time and I wad hoping to build a program using electron.
I am not sure if its possible or dont really know where to start or what to search, I want to :
Build a database in electron
Import data from excel
Compare for example row ‘A’ from app database with row ‘A’ from excel file and if it exists in excel pull row ’ A B C D’ from the imported excel file in a new excel file and save it on pc.

Hope I posted in the right section!
Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help, it will be verry much appreciated


It’s possible, but I believe that you’re overthinking this. You don’t need Electron for this job, and trying to learn Electron would only distract you from the essential elements. You could whip up a nice-looking interface later on, once everything is done, but starting with Electron would be less productive.

I’d recommend Python for this task, but if you don’t have any other reason to be using Python, JavaScript is perfectly fine. Here are the steps of the project:

  1. Don’t build a database. Learning databases is also extra work that you don’t need. Instead, use Google Sheets as your database. It has a great API that you can use to pull your data. You’re only working with spreadsheet files, so you can simply upload all of your source material. Almost zero work.
  2. Write a script that queries a sheet, performs the analysis, and generates new rows.
  3. For saving, you have three options. You can upload your data to Google Sheets, which is the flashiest and most sophisticated solution (and would likely impress your boss if you can press a button and the results magically appear in a shared sheet). However, spreadsheet files are also one of the easiest to write an output script for. Both CSV and tab-delimited formats can be interpreted directly by Excel, so both of the following are valid spreadsheets:
1	Red	Fish
2	Blue	Fish


I cannot use google sheets because the internet is limited in the company


In that case, you can use individual spreadsheet files as a database. Here’s a good-looking tutorial.