Simple Auto Backup of Settings?


I’ve been doing a little googling on backing up Atom settings for reinstallation and installation on other machines, but all the methods seem convoluted and none are automatic.

I’m on Windows. Typically, for other software, like Sublime Text, I simply use backup software to automatically copy the program folder to a backup drive. This insures I have the latest setup in case of drive failure, etc. But, from what I’ve read, using the .Atom saved folder will result in errors when I reinstall.

I see that I can manually star packages to later collect them for reinstallation, but that doesn’t store my settings for them and the overall editor. And there’s lots of command line mumbo-jumbo out there (one of the biggest attractions of Atom was the reduction of code/command line hacks and edits for settings - just because I use a code editor for web development does not mean I am comfortable with this sort of thing). All of this is anything but automatic.

Is there some way to get an auto backup of the settings?



Have you taken a look at the sync-settings package?


Thanks for the reply.
That’s alright, I suppose. Still not automatic and has to be stored on GitHub. Ideally, I’d want the backup to run automatically and locally (not internet dependent).