Similar to Electron for creating android app


Hello World!

Since Electron and Chrome browser in Android using Chromium, is it possible to build technology similar to Electron for creating Android apps using HTML, JS, CSS?

If it is, please do… =)


You’re asking if it’s possible, but it has existed for years in multiple forms. React Native and Ionic are the two I know of.


That’s not what I’m expecting as I only know HTML, JS and CSS (and server-side prog.) So it would be great if we can only write in that three language and put them in a folder to be used as Android app. Just like what we do with Electron.


Both Ionic and React Native use JavaScript for everything.


While React Native and Ionic are great solutions, they do push you into using specific frameworks. If you’re really keen not to learn any other frameworks, check out Cordova.

It’s not without its problems, but it’s the closest to Electron in that it’s a effectively a wrapper around a web browser. I’ve been using it for a few years, and depending on what you’re trying to do, it should do the job just fine. It’s not the most performant, but you’ve fundamentally got access to all the same APIs, etc you’d get on the web (and by extension in Electron), and there’s a bunch of community plugins to fill in the functionality that Electron gets from Node. It’s great for Android, the future’s unclear for it in regards to future versions of iOS. Ionic’s basically a wrapper around Cordova, and they do seem to have some solutions for that out of the box.

We’re moving away from using Cordova in favour of React Native, and would largely recommend the same if you have the time to learn, which has a lot of similar but different caveats, but is largely accessible to the web dev community, particularly if you’ve already done any work with React, Vue or any SPA-like frameworks.