Similar grammars' settings clash


My editor is configured to have a tab length of 2 and a preferred line length of 100.

In PHP, I set tab length to 4 and preferred line length to 80.

In Blade (package), which inherits PHP’s settings, I want to revert to my default tab length of 2 and preferred line length of 100. Because these are my default editor settings, Atom removes the values when I set them. Then it inherits the values from PHP.

Is there a way to accomplish this? Is a workaround the sort of thing that should be handled by the Blade package?


Looks like the issue you’re describing was reported here?

From that issue, another one was opened here:

So if I’m reading things correctly, it looks like it’s not something that language-blade can resolve on its own.


Thanks, looks like you’re right. I’ll try to set aside time to continue that thread today.